Dating A SCAMMER! He Said “I LOVE YOU”!

Dating A SCAMMER! He Said D'LAI thinks he's the Holy Trinity…. The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit. W/ Dicey Comedy and Jasmin Leigh Dating a scammer is tough can he can talk his way out of anything in a soothing voice! Help! He's got me under a spell! I need this demon off me! D'lai https:// Dicey https:// Jasmin https:// Follow ME: âž-âž-âž-âž-âž-âž-âž-âž-âž-âž-âž-âž-âž-âž-âž- âž-âž-âž-âž-âž-âž-âž-âž-âž-âž-âž-âž-âž-âž-âž- Website: www. Thank For Watching! I am Daphnique Springs.

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