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Shared Passions and Authenticity Lead to love at first sight

Solomon. Oh, he is so attractive.I mean, not just attractive from the looks, but also, like, we have something in common. Helping people of different disabilities, including autism, be themselves, and it's like, oh, I'm just so nervous, and… Oh, by the way, I'm just… in love. We also share lots of hobbies. -Did you just say you're in love? -Yes. Hey, I'm back. -Hey.I'm just very… so authentic about spirituality and just with the Law of Attraction. Like, I just love it so much. So… -Let's enjoy our drinks. -Mm-hmm. It's really good. So have you tried online dating? -Well, I did, but I was just a little too nervous.I kind of.. . It kind of creeped me out. -Yeah. -No, no, no, no, no. Bad idea. Bad idea. -With me, online dating didn't go too well. Yeah. ‘Cause I feel like I just get judged. You gotta get to know the person for who they are. You know, I told you I'm into spirituality and all that. -Yes, you sure do. Tell me about that.I love it. It's like, literally, I listen to…

love at first sight: A Confession of Passionate Attraction

You okay? -I am in love with you. Huh?I think you are so hot..

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Love At First Sight
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