Songs about Love at First Sight

Best songs that are sung about love at first sight

No matter if we admit it or not, we all love to listen to some of those cheesy songs about amazing love stories, fairytale destinies, and love at first sight. They may be popular or less popular, but regardless of their nature, they always make us want to also live that sort of experience. They make us dream with our eyes open and maybe find the courage to express our feelings towards a dear one. And then there are the people who listen to those kinds of songs in order to draw inspiration for their own story or to impress their beloved. It may sound strange, but love stories have always been huge inspirations for real-life stories, just as real-life stories have been inspirations for some of the most famous songs ever written.

Regardless of the category that you find yourself in, in this article, we will present you 16 different songs belonging to different genres about love at first sight that you will immediately fall in love with. Some may be familiar to you, some not so much. Here we go!

Songs about Love at First Sight

Songs about Love at First Sight

Chris de Burgh – Lady in red

The famous lady in red that’s dancing with Chris de Burgh in this legendary rock ballad has become some sort of stable for love at first sight. What man doesn’t wish for something similar to happen to him? One of the most romantic songs of all time, without a doubt. It may be older than what you are used to listening, but give it a try. You will have it on replay instantly.

Savage garden – I knew I loved you

Absolutely nothing beats the feeling of love at first sight, if you believe in this phenomenon, of course. Savage Garden is also singing about this incredible sensation in this song. It’s definitely something special to feel like you love someone but to have yet to meet them. It’s definitely about destiny, fate, and something beyond our mere existence. Listen to this song and get transported into another world.

Elvis Presley – Can’t help falling in love

In this classic rock n’ roll ballad, the king himself cannot help but fall in love with a girl he meets for the first time. Yes, it may be an old song but it’s a legendary one that will never fall to impress and will never go out of trend. It’s about what Elvis is saying and the feelings that you’re getting than about beats and drops this time. Some may argue with this, but Elvis Presley is one of the founding fathers of music as we know it today. So take a listen to this song about love at first sight and then his other masterpieces. You won’t regret it.

The Ronettes- Be my baby

This is one of the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time according to Rolling Stone magazine, so it’s definitely worth listening to. This time, it’s about a girl trying to get the man she fell in love with to like her back. What’s even more interesting is that worldwide famous singer Cher is singing the back-up vocals for this hit song that was released back in 1964. We all need to start somewhere, right?

Oasis – Wonderwall

Oasis’ worldwide famous song about love at first sight has been sung by many artists throughout the decades. However, the original is still the one that has the most soul to it. “Are you gonna be the one that saves me?” might remain one of the most beautiful lyrics of all time. This is definitely one of those songs that you simply cannot forget even if you don’t listen to it constantly.

Arctic Monkeys – Do I wanna know?

Arctic Monkeys’ monster of a song is known by almost everyone. The beginning part is already legendary, even if the song is still relatively new. In it, frontman Alex Turner wonders whether or not the girl he loves and fell in love with at first sight will stay by his side. A question that we all inevitably ask ourselves at some point, right?

Snow Patrol – Chasing cars

In this song from Snow Patrol, romance flows far and wide. The lyrics may sound cheesy for someone who doesn’t usually listen to this kind of music, but they are undoubtedly beautiful and will impress your beloved. A song about love at first sight that has already entered legend and is popular all over the world.

Florence and The Machine – Cosmic love

Florence and her unique voice create magic on this track about a cosmic love between two people. This time, it’s about love from heavens, an otherworldly feeling that two halves struggle with. Definitely, a song that you may have already heard and if you haven’t, go a search for it right now! Florence and the Machine will then become your new musical obsession, we promise you that!

Kylie Minogue – Love at first sight

A poppy, happy tune whose name represents everything that we are trying to explain in this article. Australian singer Kylie Minogue takes the simple path and sings about two people who fall in love right away. No fancy metaphors or lyrics. Just music, rhythm, and fun. Just how we like it!

Rihanna – We found love (feat. Calvin Harris)

It’s in times of crisis that people find each other among all the chaos. This is what Rihanna also sings about in this smash pop hit and you can still hear everywhere you go. That “hopeless place” that they talk about probably represents the world we live in if we are to interpret some metaphors. All in all, it’s impossible to not have heard this one. We really hope you did.

James Arthur – Say you won’t let go

James Arthur and his unique voice beg his beloved to say that they won’t go. It’s again about finding that first sight love and wanting to keep it. Yet another catchy and popular tune that you may have heard at least once. Dedicate it to your loved one and they will certainly understand what you mean.

Carly Rae Jepsen – Call me maybe

Love it or hate it, this song made history when it was released and it still is extremely popular. Also, it fits our topic today because it’s about a girl that falls deeply in love with a boy she met for the first time. Sounds familiar, right? Most of us have gone through similar experiences in our lives, so this song is worth listening just for the sake of old times. Pop music at its best.

William Michael Morgan – I met a girl

William Michael Morgan simply knows that he met the one he wants to spend his life with. The topic here is simple, and yet we cannot stop listening to it. If you like country music, some of these songs will become your new favorites, we can feel it. Also, who can resist to that guitar and a guy in a cowboy hat? A stereotype, we know, but it's an irresistible one indeed.

Carrie Underwood – Look at me

Carrie Underwood is one of those legendary country singers that have success no matter what she releases. The good news is that she always releases good songs, like this one about love at first sight. She falls fast for a guy and she feels the urge to also tell him this. If you are in a similar situation, take a listen and go out there to tell them everything.

Lady Antebellum – Just a kiss

This song is extremely popular and it talks about love at first sight and a first kiss. Another one of those country tunes that everyone knows regardless if they like the genre or not. And we cannot blame them at all. Lady Antebellum has even won multiple country music awards for their lovely music. What are you waiting for? Hit that PLAY button!

Taylor Swift – Love story

From a time long forgotten when Taylor Swift did not yet make the transition to pop, there comes this gem of a song. Golden wavy locks and an acoustic guitar were must-haves back then. Still, take a listen and remember the old times and also, get inspired for your own story. We definitely recommend that.


All in all, when talking about songs that treat the subject of love at first sight, things can get overwhelming. Still, there are so many genres, singers, and bands out there that you will certainly find the one song for your own love story. make a selection and try to draw inspiration from each one of those favorite songs. We really hope that we have helped you find some new/old songs to listen to and to love. After al, you must be ready for the moment you fall in love with someone for the first time and at first sight. Good luck!

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